Dental Emergencies

  • Dental Emergencies

    When you are able to differentiate and identify conditions that warrant dental emergency that places you in advantageous position concerning your dental health.

    When Should You Seek an Emergency?

    Ø  Injury/Accident

    Most cases that scare patients is the presence of blood after the incident. Immediately, after discovering presence of blood, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

    What could it be?

    Sometimes, the injury may be tiny from the look but later can turn out to be something severe. So, depending on the intensity of the injury, if the tooth is in bad shape oral surgeon advises the way forward. And if the injury turns out not to be endangering your tooth, then a dentist can have a check and advise accordingly.

    Type of Action

    In any case, where you are involved in an accident and happen to hurt your teeth, do not hesitate. Seek the help of a dentist or oral surgeon to do a thorough checkup. Dentists/Oral surgeon is going to do a deep checkup so as not to leave any area undetected especially jawbone fractures.

    Ø  Tooth Knockout

    If you knock your teeth out for a blow or hitting yourself to a pole accidentally, this is what you should do.

    What could it be?

    Your tooth has come out accidentally and luckily you find out then within an hour it is advisable you try re-implanting it back and it will stick. Sometimes that kind of approach can ask for a root canal even after having re-implanted the tooth successfully

    Type of Action

    Do not panic, this is not an emergency as such, but it is advisable later you visit your dentist to have an implant if the tooth came out and no action was needed. But, if the tooth comes out and you are able to reach your dentist, then do so within an hour for an easy fix.

    Ø  Surgical Complications

    Most of these complications happen when a tooth has been extracted, probably too much swelling, or continued pain even after taking a pain reliever.

    What could it be?

    It could be an infection/ jaw fracture/

    Type of Action

    The dentist is required to exclude any foreign body or pathological condition. If it is an infection, then it is supposed to be treated through a method called ‘irrigation’ with a combination of saline solution at the temperature of 50% C. Immediately after, the socket should be dressed and the patient is given medication.

    Ø  Fractured Teeth

    If you get into such a condition, do not skip a heartbeat because this does not ask for a dental emergency.

    What could it be?

    This could be an injury to primary teeth which is common to teenagers. It mostly affects the enamel of permanent teeth.

    Type of Action

    The condition is not an emergency one, but going to the dentist later is advised to avoid any infection. A thorough checkup is necessary to avoid the infection crossing over to permanent successors.

    If you have any type of emergency asking for specialist attention, then visit our clinic and you will be advised and treated professionally.